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Welcome to! You will find on this website manufacturers and suppliers of various kinds of Mobile Scooters and related products that are available on the market today.

Mobile or mobility products serve the people who for one reason or the other, be it because of an illness, or because of an injury, have a limited capacity to move around on their own. Electric mobile scooters and other mobility products often give these people a new lease on life by extending their reach as far as they really want to go.

The major categories of mobile scooters are medical mobility scooters, mobile chairs, and mobile vans and carriers. Let's look at these separate categories.

Medical Mobility Scooters

These days most of the medical mobile scooters on the marketplace are battery electricity powered. Even though you can still find a gasoline powered scooter here and there, the high price of gas, and the exhaust fumes make a gas powered motor scooter an inferior product to a well designed electric scooter. This is especially true when a mobile scooter is used in home for medical purposes, such as physical injury, chronic illness, and just overall reduced inability to move about.

The best part of medical mobile scooters are the comfortable and cushy scooter chairs. The mobile scooters are sometimes known as mobility scooters, medical scooters, and they are sometimes archaically termed invalid scooters. Depending on the medical disability or condition, mobile scooters can be used as injury scooters, handicap scooters, or disability scooters.

The smallest mobile scooters today are so-called lightweight mobility scooters. They weigh less than 100 lbs and can be folded or broken down into pieces as little as 30 lbs each or less.

On the other end of the scale you will find the heavy duty mobile scooters which can weigh 200 lbs and more and have a carrying capacity as much as 350 lbs to 500 lbs. They are also known as bariatric scooters, or heavy duty mobility scooters. They are equipped with large batteries and bigger tires which makes them suitable for off-road driving as well.

To find more information on electric mobility scooters models, check out medical mobility scooter reviews.

Mobile Chairs and Wheelchairs

Mobile chairs are also known as mobility chairs or power chairs or power wheelchairs, and are designed for people with walking disability. Mobile chairs are electric motor powered like mobile scooters but differ from mobile medical scooters in the fact that they look like a large chair and not like a scooter and that they usually have 6 wheels. The middle pair of wheels are usually larger and they are powered.

The purpose of the handicap mobile chair is similar to the purpose of mobile scooters. They can easily be used by a person who is handicapped in the home as well, however, their driving characteristics are definitely different because of the more compact shape.

For more information on mobility chair types, including elderly scooter types and in-home mobile chairs, see sections Mobile Wheelchair and Mobile Chair.

Mobile Van

Due to the increased demand for mobile scooters and mobile chairs, and due to their limited speed and range, vans and minivans are frequently being redesigned to accomodate one or more mobile vehicles such as scooters or mobile chairs.

Usually, the mobile van's middle row of seats is removed and that room is made available for the mobile chair or mobile scooter. In order to place the mobile scooter into the van, either a ramp or a lift is used. A mobility ramp can be built into the mobile van and operated remotely via electric motors and actuators, providing for easy smooth loading and offloading of the scooter or the mobile chair.

For info on types of mobile vans, and mobile vans conversions, such as the ones used for mobile medical units, see section Mobile Van.

Buying a Used Mobility Scooter

Years back, there was no market for used mobile scooters. Once they would be out of use electric mobility scooters would simply be worthless. Today, however, the demand for used scooters for disabled has grown with the advent of new battery, engine and power technologies, and minituarization. Also, the baby boomer generation has begun to retire, and their mobility needs are projected to grow rapidly over the next decades.

More curiously, due to high gasoline prices, electric mobility scooters are beginning to be used as a comfortable means of transportation for people who are not mobility challenged! So the used mobile scooter marketplace has grown tremendously.

You can find small, portable mobile scooters, and you can purchase large, heavy duty mobility scooters, as well as scooter parts like used scooter chairs in the used mobility scooter marketplace. Of course, buying a used mobile scooter, just like buying a used car, can pose challenges and requires good inspections and research.

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